University on Sustainable Development

“The Enforced Role of the University in Society on Sustainable Development is Key Driver For Sustainable Transformation.”


Stories of University on Sustainable Development


University plays diverse roles in serving the needs of social development, such as offering life-long learning opportunity to the public, developing innovative technology to drive practical solutions, and empowering talents equipped with national competitiveness. 


In response to the future industrial development, our government has initiated the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan and the New Southbound Policy, in an attempt to establish interdisciplinary talent exchanges and responding to the overall practice of SDGs internationally, apart from supplying innovative technology, R&D capability and diverse human capitals with the joint forces of the international community for the well-being of humanity worldwide in the days to come.

政府呼應未來產業發展計劃、5+2 產業創新計劃、新南向政策等之推動,都希望建立人才跨域交流,響應國際永續發展目標整體實踐,不單是提供創新技術、研發能力、多元人才與全球同步奠定全球人類未來福祉。

Stories of NCKU Solutions

“NCKU is ready for local action implementation, with the promotion of regional SD action plan, for increasing the productivity of research and industry.”

「成功大學已經針對解決方案行動實踐,促進區域 SD 行動方案,聚焦研究特色,加成產研效益。」