Symbiotic Neighborhood Center

            Student / Wu,Ray

            Advisor / Yen,Maw-Chang

            The site is a historical park with a Ching dynasty South gate structure dating back to 1725 and a broadcasting station built by the Japanese in 1932. It has always played an important role in different stages of Tainan. Currently, through my observation, the park is facing a huge contrast from the surroundings. Such as the new and old, tourist and local, urban and neighborhood scale…etc. In order to blend a multi-program architecture into this complex and vibrant environment, I propose to connect all the different programs under one continuous and curved roof structure. This gives a clear definition of what is historical and what is new. The subtle and smooth form would also emphasize the openness of the park.

            Data source: Department of Architecture National Cheng Kung University

            學 生/吳昕叡