Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City
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          The development goal of the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City is to create a smart ecological city with a symbiotic relationship with nature, to construct community development and its necessary living system with a human-centered approach, and to transform part of the area into a demonstrative field for the development of low-carbon, intelligent technologies. In face of the interaction between the national economy and energy, the creativity and well-being of local people, and the Shalun Farm with the ecology of western Taiwan, the Shalun Science City has established the following seven principles:

          1. New Economy Engine as Nature Protector

          2. Disturbances to Recoveries

          3. Reciprocal Complementarity

          4. Social Mixture and the Right to the City

          5. Smart Circularities

          6. Anticipate Changes

          7. Always Positive

          This project, in line with the national development plan, will promote the concepts of a smart city, green energy, photonics and other high-tech industries. Furthermore, national R&D centers, supplemented by the momentum of an international medical industry, build an ecologically sustainable and circular smart city with the Shalun Farm as an example for future life. Thus combining smart healthcare with biotechnology, and eventually become an economically, socially and ecologically resilient city.

          In terms of economic resilience, this project has analyzed the existing local resources in the special district around the Tainan HSR station and its adjacent areas. For example, local animal husbandry businesses industrial clusters, R&D support from the College of Photonics at the Tainan campus of National Chiao Tung University and the Southern Taiwan Science Park, as well as medical resources from the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in East District of Tainan. With the external support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the government's policies, the team has chosen industries with an increased chance of forming a local complete industrial chain to be the ones introduced into future plans. We aim to strengthen our ability to cope with external economic turbulence with a pluralistic economic structure as the development goal.

          Regarding social resilience, this project area is part of the Dawulun community. In addition to meeting the daily needs of a small number of residents in the Tainan HSR special district, it should also pay attention to the needs and demands of the residents of the Dawulun community. The project should anticipate the problems and needs that will arise due to the introduction of new inhabitants and a newly employed population into future industries. In the future, we will strengthen the sense of community and its self-revitalization ability by incorporating community concerns into planning and design.

          With respect to ecological and environmental resilience, the project utilized the Shalun Farm as a supporting field and realized the goals of food self-sufficiency, water resources management, energy and waste recycling. In the meantime, we have put forward corresponding countermeasures for natural disasters and ecological conservation, for example typhoons and flood response plans. In addition to rainwater reuse facilities, flood detention or rainwater storage and drainage facilities in general construction, we have also planned rainwater circulation systems and sewage circulation systems to strengthen the capacity of the project area to deal with external natural disasters.


          1. 科學城作為自然的守護者/New Economy Engine as Nature Keeper

          2. 任何的擾動都要成為關係修補/Disturbances to Recoveries

          3. 互利共生/Reciprocal Complementarity

          4. 開放、多元混層的社會/Social Mixture and the Right to the City開

          5. 智慧的循環網/Smart Circularities

          6. 預想未來的改變,快速調整/Anticipate Changes

          7. 永遠樂觀/Always Positive