Parametric Design – Building Paper Space
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        As a co-creation platform of “University, Industry and City”, C-Hub is committed to innovative cooperation between universities and industry, and implements the results in cities. As one of the leading business pioneers in the paper industry, Yong Feng Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd. promotes co-creation and public welfare.

        Through C-Hub’s match marketing, Kaohsiung Paper Factory of Yong Feng Yuji Enterprise Co., Ltd.provided paper materials for professors and students to do research and for designers to create. In addition to the supply of paper materials, the Kaohsiung Paper Factory also helped cut corrugated cardboard for professors and students to use. Many inexperienced designers also seized this golden opportunity to collaborate with Yong Feng Yuji Enterprise Co., Ltd. to do space design with corrugated cardboard.

        C-Hub and Yong Feng Yuji Enterprise Co., Ltd. have collaborated on many projects, we selected some cases for C-Vision. Introductions to how traditional material can build space with the help of digital software are provided as follows.

        For more information, please contact C-Hub.

        C-Hub 作為「大學、產業、城市」的共創平台,致力於大學與產業的創新合作,並將成果落實於城市。永豐餘工業用紙股份有限公司高雄廠(以下簡稱永豐餘)與 C-Hub 的合作主要立基於公益共創。