NCKU’s Angel Fund Helps Students to Realize Their Entrepreneurial Dreams
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        Two university students who received Angel Fund offered by the Creativity, Innovation& Entrepreneurship Center (CIE Center) at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) setting to chase entrepreneurial dream finally paid off when they recently set up their own business, Fandora, an on-line community for the graphic artists.

        Steven Su(蘇晏良)from NCKU Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering and Adrian Chen(陳俊穎)from NCKU Institute of Physics said that we received training courses from NCKU and the NT$50,000 grant offered by Angel Fund and after we graduated we’re able to develop our own brand, Fandora.

        Fandora was established in October, 2011, and its goal is to help artists to gain profits continuing their creation, according to Su. “People can easily find the works they like and interact with the artists in Fandora.”

        Within two years, Fandora has become a famous brand name and has elected as the Star of Cultural and Creative Industry of the first session by the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan.

        Chen said, “Now, Fandora is the biggest graphic art-based platform in Taiwan, which owns about 2,000 artists, 20,000 members and more than 20,000 art works.”

        “We believe in the power of art. Not everyone can create great art works, and also not everyone have the chance to own them,” according to Chen who added that Fandora offers both artists and general public a chance to be seen and people can show their taste through owning art print products with affordable price.

        Every single sale will become the fund for the artist directly to support them create artworks, Su noted.

        Su and Chen knew each other by participation of student affairs in college. Yet it was until they attended the courses of CIE Center and were inspired by the center’s founder, Professor Harold Szu, the entrepreneurial idea has come to their mind.

        Chen said, Angel Fund was originally built for general business for speeding progress. Hence, in the beginning, they used the whole funding on purchasing equipment.

        However, compared with the other big companies such as IBM and HP which provide similar services, it’s not easy for them to gain trusts from clients. Therefore, they reoriented themselves.

        Su and Chen both appreciated the assistance CIE Center provided to them, so they can reify their ideas and created Fandora, combining the meanings of “Fan” and “Pandora box.”

        The members of Fandora are art-lovers and artists, and so far there are nearly 20,000 members. In the future, the variety of products will be broadened including notebook, book cover, and card etc, enabling customers to create their own personalized product. In present, the monthly income is about 400,000 NT dollars.

        Su said, for now there are 4 partners including 3 graduates from NCKU and 1 from NTU. Concerning future progress, he has faith that their monthly income will be up to 10 million dollars.

        In addition to the success of Fandora, CIE center has assist more than 50 student entrepreneurial projects, which includes some newly-formed companies such as EatMe, Healthlife, and Liwi, and other cases such as Jiongjiong mask designed by student from Department of Physics, children’s dental product design, Chinese-styled creative T-shirt, baseball groves for player Hong-Chih Kuo, Saving From Poverty Project, PhiStorage quantum cloud data system, Evergreen Life-kitchenware for single elders, and Soap Slicer-paper soap dispensers etc.




        成大天使金對學生創業的幫助,兩人都覺得深受其惠,現在他們將獨創的概念具體呈現,創造了Fandora這個結合「Fan」以及「Pandora(潘朵拉) box」意涵,匯集藝術展示以及加值販售的社群平台,於100年11月30日正式成立,目的在讓藝術家有足夠獲利後,可以有動力持續創作。



        除了Fandora這個成功案例,綜觀過去,三創研發中心協助學生創業計畫超過五十件,包括正式成立公司的食我部落、澄榕資訊有限公司、LiWi股份有限公司。其他還有物理系的學生開發「囧囧罩」產品、兒童牙醫產品設計、中國風創意T恤設計、郭泓志手套設計、搶救貧窮大作戰計畫、PhiStorage量子雲資料系統、長青生活-獨居老人系列餐廚用品、Soap slicer 紙皂機等等。成大102年度天使金創業計畫評選,5月底已選出8個團隊,分別給予1-3萬元不等的補助,其中不乏亮點計畫,可望再度造就更多明日之星。