NCKU president shares Taiwan’s pandemic experience in World Bank teleconference
世界銀行國際視訊會議  蘇慧貞校長分享台灣防疫經驗
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        Tainan's National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) President Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su (蘇慧貞) on Tuesday (May 12) joined a teleconference hosted by the World Bank and provided insights on how Southeastern Asian nations could maintain their educational systems despite the ongoing pandemic.

        In a released statement, NCKU said that the school's president represented Taiwan in the cross-regional online conference after she was invited to explain the pandemic prevention measures the island nation has adopted. The university said several Asian countries participated in the meeting, including Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia.

        Su emphasized that scientific research and humanitarian considerations are equally important in deciding what measures an educational institution should take to balance the teaching and safety of its students. She said the Taiwanese government has introduced necessary policies and guidelines in advance so as to give the schools sufficient time to prepare.

        To the surprise of the participating countries, Su noted that although the NCKU had postponed the opening of its spring semester by two weeks, a single class has not been suspended since then. She also pointed out that most students in Taiwan have still been able to receive high-quality education at school facilities, with few classes being moved online.

        The NCKU president said a nation's performance at pandemic prevention is determined by whether each citizen has fulfilled their responsibility. She added that the coronavirus could be beaten so long as countries join forces and collaborate, reported UDN.

        According to NCKU, there are currently more than 1.8 billion students worldwide who have been forced to discontinue their studies due to the pandemic. As of Wednesday afternoon (May 13), the global coronavirus death toll has surpassed 292,800 while more than 4 million have been infected with the disease.

        COVID-19全球大流行,嚴重衝擊世界各國高等教育,台灣是少數防疫有成且仍維持校園正常授課的國家,受到全球矚目。聯合國體系下的世界銀行(World Bank)5月12日舉辦跨區域國際視訊會議,邀請東亞國家分享疫情期間教育相關措施,幫助印度在嚴峻疫情中仍能維繫其公共教育體系。成大蘇慧貞校長受邀代表台灣出席並以專題演講分享台灣成功經驗。她在演講中暢談台灣如何在疫情爆發初期,即採取超前及審慎措施,以確保積極防疫的同時仍能維持高等教育的延續與品質;蘇校長也強調,科學與人道考量缺一不可,台灣以嚴謹的科學證據去規劃防疫措施並保障個人的安全及需求,才能讓每個人做好充份準備、有信心去執行防疫工作。