NCKU Joins Hands with Sampo Corporation and Rechi Precision to Create a Common Research Center for Smart Home Appliances
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        NCKU’s joint venture with Sampo Corporation and the Rechi Precision Company was made official after NCKU’s president Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, Sampo chairman Sheng-tian Felix Chen, and Rechi Precision’s vice chairman Jin-Hsi Liu signed a memorandum for establishing a cooperative research center on the 18th. The collaboration will bring together the fortes and energies from all three establishments. In order to get the pulse of current needs, specifically solutions for improving future smart homes and new kinds of compressor technologies, manufacturing processes, and product chains, the first step in the process will be to field applications and proposals for creative and cutting edge research projects. The new research center will be a training ground for up-and-coming talent from the fields of science, engineering, design development, and management. Together they will work in tandem and push forward in the smart home appliance industry and create a new future for home living.

        The signing ceremony took place at NCKU. Those who bore witness to the signing include the chairperson of the Executive Yuan’s Ocean Affairs Council as well as former NCKU president Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Sampo president Lien-Chun Chen (陳連春) and vice president Cheng-Min Yang(楊正民), Rechi Precision president Ming-Fa Feng and his director of research and development Hsi-Kun Hsu (徐錫崑), NCKU director of research and development Sun-Yuan Hsieh, NCKU’s Transfer and Incubation Center vice chairman Ming-Chin Hou (侯明欽), Woei-Shyan Lee (李偉賢), and the guest speaker Professor Fan-Tien Cheng.

        NCKU president Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su touted the significance of this collaboration, saying that the center will provide a common platform on which both new and veteran teachers can work together towards a common goal. For the last 90 years since its founding, NCKU has stayed its course in upholding its values and mission while solidifying its foundation on which the school has grown. Dr. Su personally thanked Sampo and Rechi Precision for their many years of support to NCKU but said that they all must now focus on forging a new path of development for NCKU in the areas of energy, artificial intelligence, and industrial development. Moreover, social sciences and medicine will also be incorporated into the mix so that students can gain a deeper understanding of the humanities and find more opportunities in the future.

        Sampo chairman Felix Chen once said: “Invest in Vietnam? Why not invest in Tainan?”. The chairman half-jokingly cited Tainan’s good air quality and tantalizing food scene as reasons for moving operations to Tainan. But food and air quality aside, the chairman was pleased to see this collaborative project finally launch after a lengthy period of planning and preparation. As a champion of establishing roots at home, the chairman expressed his hope that NCKU will be a power source to spark higher levels of innovation. Rechi Precision vice chairman Jin-Hsi Liu is a firm believer in a company’s sustainable growth in the way of continuously innovating new products, developing technologies, and onboarding new talent. He has high hopes that this collaborative partnership will be a long-lasting and sustainable one.

        NCKU is a comprehensive school and research institution for the sciences. It was globally ranked by Thomson Reuters for its volume of academic papers in the field of electric home appliances. Domestically, NCKU is ranked number one in this regard. Be it energy planning, green energy development, artificial intelligence, or industrial design, all these fields have immense growth potential. The Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) will also help shoulder responsibilities of helping bottlenecked companies quickly find breakthroughs in the form of academic resources and at the same time establish a direct pipeline between NCKU talent and the industry at large, which will accelerate the establishment of the connection between Taiwan’s smart home appliances and the international market.

        Taiwan’s major manufacturer of electric home appliances Sampo Corporation was founded in 1936. Throughout the many decades, Sampo has made itself into a household name. Sampo’s chairman Felix Chen, its president Lien-Chun Chen and vice president Cheng-Min Yang are also all NCKU alumni. With Sampo’s new manufacturing center soon to be completed in the Tainan Technology Industrial Park Service Center, the area will soon experience a boom in its need for new talent. The future of Sampo manufacturing will center around energy conservation as well as a healthy and green internet of things connecting home appliances and AI-related products. The accompanying technologies will feature highly integrated home appliance systems which allow voice-command initiated or the remote control of in-home lighting systems, air conditioning and heating, and audiovisual electronics among others. The system can take appropriate actions with these appliances depending on the home’s environment which it can detect via sensors, making home living more convenient than ever while meeting energy conservation and environmental needs.

        Rechi Precision Company was founded in 1989. Having a close pulse on the electric home appliances industry, it is currently an air conditioning compressor industry leader as the world’s number four in compressor manufacturing. Rechi Precision has also worked closely with NCKU for many years and has spared little resources to train up new talent. In the past three years alone, the company has donated $3 million NTD in student scholarships. From 2015 to date, it has been avidly promoting the Masters program in the Design of Electrical Machinery under NCKU’s Department of Electrical Engineering and spurring collaborations between academia and industry. In addition, the company offers NCKU students plentiful internships and organizes group tours of its factories in the Mainland with the aim of giving students a deeper look into how enterprises operate while engaging in technological exchanges and broadening their world view. Rechi Precision Company also offers NCKU graduates a chance to get involve in the global market in the form of employment opportunities.

        成功大學攜手聲寶公司、瑞智精密公司,18 日由蘇慧貞校長、陳盛沺董事長、劉金錫副董事長代表簽署「成立共同研究中心合作備忘錄」,結合彼此優勢與能量,第一步將透過校園徵選創意尖端研究計畫了解使用需求,就未來智慧家居及新型壓縮機研發技術、製造流程、產品鏈結提出技術改善方案,並培育電資、理工、設計研發及管理人才,共同朝向智慧家居產業前進,創造未來家居新生活。

        簽約儀式上午 10 時在成大舉行,行政院海洋委員會主委暨成大前校長黃煌煇、聲寶公司陳連春總經理、楊正民副總經理,瑞智精密公司馮明法總經理、徐錫崑研發總監,成大研發長謝孫源、技轉育成中心侯明欽副主任、工學院院長李偉賢、講座教授鄭芳田等人到場見證。



        成功大學作為綜合大學,曾榮登湯森路透(Thomson Reuters)所公布「全球家電領域論文產出量的科學研究機構」全台第一。無論在能源規劃、綠能發展、人工智慧,以及工業設計方面都具有相當大的研發能量。成大國際產學聯盟也將肩負產業鏈結使命,讓企業研究遭遇瓶頸時能更快速得到學校資源,將成大人才接軌市場需求,加速國內智慧家電連結國際市場。

        國內家電大廠聲寶公司成立於 1936 年,經過數十年耕耘已是家喻戶曉知名品牌,陳盛沺董事長、陳連春總經理、楊正民副總經理都是成大校友,於台南科技工業園區的新廠即將落成,人才需求大增。未來主要研發節能、健康環保的物聯網生活家電及人工智慧相關產品。高度整合的智慧家居藉由語音或遠端遙控的中控模組,連動家中照明、空調、視聽家電,透過環境偵測自主判斷、自動開啟讓生活更加便利,同時兼顧節能、減碳等環保需求。

        掌握家電心臟的瑞智精密成立於 1989 年,為世界第四大空調壓縮機領導製造商。過去也與成大緊密長期合作,對於培育人才不遺餘力,除了連續 3 年捐贈 300 萬元鼓勵優秀學子獎學金。2015 年至今,更積極推動電機工程學系之電機設計與驅動產業產碩專班,提供學生實習與參訪瑞智集團大陸廠區,讓學生了解企業實際運作、技術交流學習與拓展國際觀,並提供畢業工作機會與世界接軌。(撰文、攝影/朱怡婷)