Local Government’s Disaster Prevention/Relief Energy Promotion and Deepening
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          The Disaster Prevention/Relief administrative system must rely on the close cooperation between the various levels to be highly impactful. In the past, the township (village, city, district) government level, this local government maintains the closest relationship to the people, was lacking sufficient disaster relief ability, resources, and talents. To ensure the Disaster Prevention/Relief works efficiently, the Disaster Prevention/Relief Deepening Plan was funded and technically supported by the central government and continues to aid the township government level (village, city, district) and increase the Disaster Prevention/Relief strength to provide increased safety for people's lives and property. The NCKU Disaster Prevention Research Center has long cooperated with the Tainan City Government and developed strong relationships with the district offices to; conduct basic data collection, develop disaster simulation analysis, Disaster Prevention/Relief System review, Disaster Prevention/Relief System operational framework formulation, practical operation and correction of the Disaster Prevention/Relief System operation mechanism on a rolling basis. In order to cultivate Disaster Prevention/Relief capabilities, a variety of Disaster Prevention/Relief education and training sessions and contingency drills will be conducted. To provide assistance during the disaster, personnel will be dispatched to the Disaster Prevention/Relief Center to assist in the interpretation of information and agency responses. Innovative practices include pre-deployment and the construction of the nation's first contingency cloud service backup system for flood-prone areas, the establishment of the Disaster Prevention/Relief video system, the issuance of Chinese and English versions of the Disaster Prevention Manual for citizens in Tainan City, the establishment of local food banks in conjunction with neighboring companies, the establishment of dedicated cloud data storage systems for disaster prevention, the formation of strategic shelter alliances, and the setup of solar lighting disaster prevention and shelter signs.