Geriatric Hospital
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          By 2022, NCKU’s medical center will build its first geriatrics hospital, which will introduce smart technology to create a hospital without walls. NCKU and Quanta Computer have agreed to collaborate and use artificial intelligence (AI) with the internet of Things (IoT) to co-develop patient-centered medical and healthcare services. The hospital will include 440 beds, research and education facilities, and space for collaborative research with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. NCKU is gathering the resources necessary to develop new smart geriatric healthcare for Taiwan and the world.

          AI Companion Robot

          In order to improve the quality of human life, an interdisciplinary team led by Professor Jung-Hsien Chiang (AI Biomedical Research Center) collaborating with ASUS, focuses on designing and developing and AI companion robot for family doctor care teams, patients with diabetes, the elderly and so on. The robot was first designed for companying children, by using deep learning, adding events and seasonal information to the inference procedure, they’ve successfully broadened the scope of applications in order to achieve a more user-friendly environment for elderly care users.