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        E Ink’s E-paper products offer benefits such as energy saving, portability, and eco-health. The biggest difference from other display technologies is that E-paper is a reflective and bi-stable display technology. Visually, it looks almost the same as traditional paper but with the benefits of eye protection and energy efficiency. "Magnetrix Curtain" is an e-paper glass curtain wall system that uses magnetic coupling induction coils to combine E-paper’s power supply and control. It encapsulates the electronic paper and its auxiliary circuits inside the two layers of glass, completely isolated from the outside world and packaged in the architectural curtain in a matrix pattern. In the external wall system, environmental information about the building is displayed on the wall through the control of the APP and each node. The 1:1 mock-up installation showcases the detailed components of the construction. The gap in the double-pane glass of the curtain wall system can be used as a display shelf. 

        This project hopes to use E-paper as a building material and apply it to exterior wall systems or surface finishes and so revolutionize the construction of architectural facade building materials. Professor Cheng-Luen Hsueh and Professor Kane Yanagawa in the Department of Architecture and Professor Jia-You Lee in the Department of Electrical Engineering formed a team to explore the future economic system of the construction industry from the perspective of circular economy and to pursue the possibility of E-paper as a new building material. E-paper’s readability makes it one of the most important and key technologies for future life. The research and development team sought to apply E-paper to architectural facade building materials and to use E-paper to display environmental protection information such as PM value, power consumption, and temperature. In addition, the R&D team also explored how to integrate this technology into the production and construction of building exteriors, and inspired by circular economy to practice modular, systematic, easily changeable, or leasable new business models.

        元太科技的電子紙與其他顯示器技術最大的不同在於其反射式、雙穩態的顯示技術,在視覺上與傳統紙張幾乎無異,能創造護眼、節能的效益。「Magnetrix Curtain」以磁耦感應線圈結合電子紙的供電與控制,並將電子紙及附屬電路封裝於雙層玻璃內部與外界完全隔絕,以矩陣圖案封裝在建築帷幕外牆系統內,透過網站和各個節點的控制,將屋內的環境感知資訊顯示於牆面。

        1:1 的裝置嘗試了建築外牆尺度的構造與施工,帷幕玻璃單元同時也在雙層玻璃之間構成一個玻璃櫥窗。此裝置期望以電子紙為材料並將其運用於外牆系統或是表面飾材,並帶來革命性的建築皮層材料的變革。本專案以建築系的薛丞倫老師、柳川肯老師與電機系李嘉猷老師組成研發團隊,試圖從循環經濟的角度探討未來建築產業的新經濟系統以及從建築的角度探討電子紙作為建築新材料的可能性。研發團隊的研究方向設定為將電子紙應用於建築皮層材料,並透過電子紙展現建築內的PM值、耗電量及溫度等環境感知資訊。此外研發團隊也試圖探討如何融入建築外牆既有生產到施工的生態,啟發在循環經濟思考下,模組化、系統性、易更換、或租賃式的新商業模式的實踐。