8.2.5 Employment practice equivalent rights outsourcing

            Employment Practice Equivalent Rights Outsourcing

            NCKU has a policy on guaranteeing equivalent rights of workers when outsourcing activities to third parties. To safeguard the basic rights of contracted workers, National Cheng Kung University established National Cheng Kung University Directions on the Contracted Labor Rights Team. And the working group holds at least one meeting each semester to guarantee the basic labor rights of the contractors. Moreover, while outsourcing the activities and services to the third party, NCKU values the labor rights of the third party as NCKU’s own faculty. Specifically, NCKU attaches importance to the wage, working hours, and employee welfare of the third party. Considering the specificity of some buildings(NCKU Future Venue and NCKU Guiren Epidemic Prevention Department), NCKU outsources these buildings to property management companies. Such cooperation brings flexibility to crew dispatching. To ensure the quality of the performance, NCKU is willing to pay a higher salary, which is higher than the basic pay, to the laborers of the third party.

            LINK 1: National Cheng Kung University Directions on the Contracted Labor Rights Team

            LINK 2: Evaluation Sheet of Outsourcing to Private Institution

            LINK 3: Requirement Manual of Dormitory of the Department of Aerospace Engineering Epidemic Prevention