7.4.3 Energy efficiency services for industry

            NCKU's Energy Efficiency Services for Industry

            NCKU provided direct services to local industry aimed at improving energy efficiency and clean energy. The related direct services to local industry which includes:

            Tainan’s Guantian is home to water chestnuts. More than 90% of water chestnuts are abandoned for open burning or for incineration after collection by the sanitation department. NCKU chemistry professor Hung-ping Lin helped executive of Guantian District, sought the feasibility of turning waste into energy for reuse. Prof. Lin proposed an innovative way to turn water chestnut waste into biochar. The team cooperated with the government to develop this technology, and the district office gathered NGOs to set up the "Tainan Guantian Black Gold Community Cooperative" to promote the merits of water chestnut shell charcoal.

            Prof. Jo-Shu Chang has a wide collection of microalgae and is the world-leading expert in microalgal research, currently ranking #1 in the world for publications in the area of both “microalgae” and “microalgal biofuels” (according to Web of Science). He and Dr. Chun-Yen Chen are founders of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)’s “Center for Microalgae Biotechnology and Engineering.” The NCKU’s microalgae team has state-of-the-art technology for production of microalgae-based biofuels and chemicals, as well as flue gas CO2 reduction and utilization.

            The Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy has continuously guided Tainan Science Park on water and energy saving. Based on the commission project, NCKU helped Tainan Science park to improve water-saving and energy-saving technologies and reduce production costs and balance the overall environment and economy of the park and promote sustainable development.

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