7.4.2 100% renewable energy pledge

            NCKU’s 100% Renewable Energy Pledge

            NCKU has declared 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality in 2041. We have been working on the relevant research and technology for years, and we also share the techniques to the industries in the country.

            The most representative action is that to constitute Tainan as a low carbon city, NCKU renewed its MOU with the European Chamber of Commercial Taiwan with the Shalun Innovation Alliance (SIA) to commonly promote green energy development in Taiwan. In addition, Prof. Lin, Ta-Hui in the Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy, NCKU established a program. The program had four overall goals which included: Energy Education Rooted in Public, Energy Technologies Developed with Industries, On-Site Applications of Green Energy Systems, and Smart Innovation, System Integration and On-Site Practice. Moreover, NCKU also hosted a seminar promoting the trend of green energy research with industries. That seminar invited lots of scholars and experts in different fields to share and discuss on the five major themes of energy resource recycling, energy education, industry-university cooperation, smart energy and energy storage systems.

            Link 12020 Low Carbon City Conference & MoU Signing Ceremonies between ECCT and NCKU

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            Link 3: NCKU Holds SDG 7 Seminar: Affordable and Clean Energy

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