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6.5.5 Cooperation on water security・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
6.5.5 Cooperation on water security

            NCKU's Cooperation on Water Security

            To promote and cooperate with National,Regionaland local governments, NCKU, featuring interdisciplinary study experience and utilizing it in social practice, has been cooperating with governments on water security from local to global, committing to university-industry cooperation, personnel training and extension education in water security filed, for the goals of solving the problems of water pollution, water purification and water security.

            Link1: NCKU cooperates with Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs in personnel training

            Link2: NCKU's Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy focuses on microalgae for carbon fixation and water purification

            Link3: NCKU Overseas Week promotes international scientific collaboration in higher education, including the cooperation of water-security between government, school and NGO

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