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6.3.5 Water-conscious planting・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
6.3.5 Water-conscious planting

            NCKU's Water-conscious Planting

            The plant landscapes in NCKU serve both the purposes of greening and water usage deduction by choosing drought-tolerant plants over the campus to save water but still landscaping.

            Also, NCKU makes an effort to recycle rainwater for watering plants. The best example could be the new biological science and education building-"The Magic School of Green technologies". The building was designed with the system which can induce and collect the rainwater from ground, rooftop and all balconies for both flushing toilets and sprinkling plants.

            Link 1: NCKU uses water recycling technology for watering the plants eco-friendly and energy-efficiently, in the zero-energy building “The Magic School of Green technologies”.

            Link 2: NCKU’s project completion report of rainwater recycling system in the biological science and education building.

            Link 3: The riser diagram of water supply and water reuse in the biological science and education building.

            Link 4: NCKU launches “Love Plant Trees” activity annually. Through this activity advocates the concept of carbon reduction and earthcares.