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5.6.3 Maternity and paternity policies・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
5.6.3 Maternity and paternity policies

            NCKU's Maternity and Paternity Policies

            NCKU has made a great effort to create a friendly environment for pregnant women, including faculty, staff and students. Several measures have been conducted to ensure protection of maternal health of female employees at NCKU. First of all, the NCKU Measures for Protecting and Managing Maternal Health aims to perform hazard assessment, control and hierarchical management of tasks that are likely to jeopardize maternal health of female employees who are currently pregnant or within a year of birth. Besides, NCKU has provided maternity pay and leave to its staff. Specifically, pregnant staff will be given paid maternity leave for 42 days. Moreover, When an NCKU employee’s spouse gives birth, he will be given 5 days of paid paternity leave to take care of his spouse. On the other hand, to provide support to employees with children under the age of 3, NCKU allows them to reduce the working hours by 1 hour per day or adjust their working hours. Lastly, NCKU has built 11 lactation rooms for nursing mothers on campus and a non-profit kindergarten to provide childcare to its employees with an aim to reduce their economic burdens of parenting.

            Link 1: NCKU Measures for Protecting and Managing Maternal Health

            Link 2Map for Locations of Lactation Rooms

            Link 3NCKU Policy for Maternity and Paternity Leave

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