5.3.1 Tracking access measures

            Tracking Access Measures

            NCKU has been measuring and tracking application rate, acceptance/entry rate and study completion rate by gender. NCKU has been having a rise in the number of female students in the university, making up for 37.2% of NCKU’s population in 2019-2020. According to the statistical data collected in the first semester of the 109th Academic year, 38.1% students in the undergraduate department are females. Majority of the female students are pursuing their bachelor degrees in fields such as nursing, liberal arts, occupational therapy and social sciences, with engineering and natural sciences faculties having the fewest number of female students. Whereas in the graduate department, the ratio of male to female students number up to 37.2%, and most female graduates opt for liberal art and design college subjects. On the other hand, the number of female students who choose to pursue postgraduate degrees amount to 31.8%, and the ratio of female students are allocated equally across all faculties of studies in NCKU. 

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