4.3.5 Lifelong learning access policy

            NCKU's Lifelong Learning Access Policy

            NCKU is devoted to providing fair and equitable admission entrance to all potential students. That is, regardless of any sexes all are allowed to apply to study in NCKU. According to the statistics of academic information, the ratio of female students has increased in the past five years, from 2016 (35.9%), 2017 (36.5%), 2018 (36.6%), 2019 (37.0%), to 2020 (37.2%). This shows that NCKU does not discriminate on the basis of academic fields in its enrollment strategy. Instead, NCKU embraces students from different regions, genders, and cultures, and encourages them to show their talents. Furthermore, NCKU provides admission channels for disabled students in some departments to maintain fairness and justice in learning, and complete university studies under the condition that physical disabilities do not affect learning. For example, last year, NCKU accepted the first special enrollment of a female new resident, assisting her to continue education in Taiwan. Last but not least, NCKU provides emergency relief allowance to international students who suffer from major illness, accidents or family misfortunes, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, disability, immigration status or gender. Thus, these international students could be rest-assured and focus on their studies. 

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