4.3.1 Public resources (lifelong learning)

            NCKU's Public Access to Educational Resources and Open Courses at NCKU

            For those who are not studying at the university, NCKU provides lifelong learning public resources like online courses and access to computers, library, and lectures. In addition, according to the regulations of different clubs, some clubs or activities are open to the general public. NCKU’s open online courses follow MIT’s OpenCourseWare Consortium (COWC)’s concept, wherein the university freely shares learning resources for public learning. Furthermore, the NCKU Library also offers services for public visitors such as alumni, family members of staff/faculty, library volunteers, etc. Visitors are able to gain access to resources such as multimedia, journals and E-Resources in order to aid them in research, tutoring materials, and learning. Moreover, NCKU N3 is an online learning platform that is designed for elderly citizens to empower them with educational courses that are related to the current issues in the society. The classes are taught by experts from 17 different fields of studies. The courses offered range from subjects such as finance to languages, and participants will obtain certificates after completing the course.  

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