3.3.5 Mental health support
            NCKU provides all staff and students with a regular mental-supporting mechanism.

            In NCKU, Counseling and Wellness Services Division provides all staff members and students with a regular mental-supporting mechanism. In brief, NCKU has comprehensive counseling services including several professional mental health counselors, free online tests of individual mental health examination, and frequent activities such as mental health groups and workshops.

            In order to effectively handle faculty and students’ emotional and stress problems, NCKU has built a comfortable and warm environment for making everyone feel at home to share their feelings without inhibition. In addition, it’s noteworthy that the application for counseling in NCKU is easily accessible and user-friendly. 

            Link 1 : Counseling and Wellness Services Division- Manual of Individual Counseling Service

            Link 2 : Counseling Service System

            Link 3 : Mental Health Scale for Undergraduate-Screening Assessment

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