2.5.2 Events for local farmers and food producers

            Events for local farmers and food producers

            NCKU provides free events and premium consulting services for local farmers and food producers to connect and transfer knowledge, not only in agriculture but also in aquaculture. Through the University Social Responsibility (USR) Project, NCKU strives to empower farmers in developing better quality agricultural products through technology implementation in conventional farming systems that farmers have utilized over the years. The strategy involves the usage of micro-bacteria and algae developed by NCKU’s department of Life Sciences, which aids the process of recycling livestock waste and enhancing the health standards in prawn cultivation.

            In addition, NCKU also extends opportunities to local farmers to increase their livelihood through offline marketing platforms to sell their products, allowing farmers to increase their network without having to worry about their merchandise going to waste due to the lack of buyers. Furthermore, to strengthen the win-win relationship between schools, local farmers and suppliers, NCKU collaborates with the government in establishing “The School Lunch Project '', which helps balance the quality of school lunch and food safety among schools in Taiwan via local agricultural products labels while reducing the costs of food transportation. This project helps to develop agricultural literacy with local characteristics, and promote the business of local agricultural markets.

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