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2.3.4 Healthy and affordable food choices・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
2.3.4 Healthy and affordable food choices

            NCKU's Healthy and Affordable Food Choices

            NCKU provides healthy and affordable food choices with all school cafeteria. NCKU sets up student restaurants on three different campuses and follows guidelines of “Management of Catering and Hygiene in Colleges”.

            Regardless of eating habits, NCKU school cafeteria provides specific meals to meet different dietary needs and affordable food choices for staff and students. In NCKU food-providing organization, the accommodation service group is responsible for restaurant management, the health care group is responsible for restaurant hygiene supervision, and the general affairs office is responsible for restaurant equipment repair and purchase. Also, NCKU dietary committee is set up to hold regular meetings, supervise the execution of the student restaurant contracts, examine restaurants’ conditions and give suggestions.

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            Link3: New School Lunch Innovation Promoting Program

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