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2.3.2 Students and staff hunger interventions・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
2.3.2 Students and staff hunger interventions

            NCKU's Students and Staff Hunger Interventions

            NCKU sets up student restaurants as student hunger interventions target hunger among students. Business hours of student restaurants which provide breakfast, lunch and dinner meet students’ dining time. The food is safe, hygienic and diverse, so students can enjoy food trustingly. NCKU student restaurants provide specific meals to meet different dietary needs. The meals in each student restaurant are not highly homogenous to ensure that students have a variety of diet options. Accordingly, NCKU student restaurants provide as various foods as possible to different students and staff.

            Link1: NCKU Dorm Cafeteria Introduction

            Link2: Update of NCKU Dorm Cafeteria

            Link3: Chimei Cafe in NCKU Campus

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