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17.4.2 NCKU’s Specific Courses on SDGs・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
17.4.2 NCKU’s Specific Courses on SDGs

            NCKU's Specific Courses on SDGs

            NCKU emphasizes SDG education and provides specific courses on sustainability. In the purpose of furnishing the students with fine and practical SDG education, NCKU gives various degrees and programs. Such courses increased especially in the two semesters of 2020. The International Degree Program on Energy in Engineering is mainly focused on energy science and technology. The goal of this degree is to help students to construct their own thoughts with multidisciplinary and complementary, green technologies. NCKU sets up several programs for the students in any department to join as well. For instance, in the Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD), students are taught with theories in sustainable development and trained with skills to apply their knowledge in the real world. The Circular Economy- Program also builds the firm foundation of CE for the students and introduces new research frontiers to the field. 

            Link 1 : NCKU's Education for SDGs specific courses on sustainability

            Link 2 : Certificate Program in Sustainable Development (CPSD)

            LINK 3: International Degree Program on Energy in Engineering

            Link 4 : Circular Economy- Program