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17.4.1 NCKU’s commitment to meaningful education around SDGs・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
17.4.1 NCKU’s commitment to meaningful education around SDGs

            NCKU’s Commitment to Meaningful Education around SDGs

            NCKU commits to a meaningful education of SDGs. For this purpose, NCKU College X has designed a new category in general education. Students can join the courses which focus on the SDGs topics that they are interested in. Moreover, through the Signature Program of Sustainable Development (SPSD), NCKU forges the consensus on campus through mapping, to optimize the application strategies of the on-campus resources of NCKU and to elevate its impacts to the level of solving global challenges, with a Sustainable Development mindset for its strategy. The statistics of SDGs education specific courses in 2020 shows NCKU’s determination to enrich the students’ knowledge of SDGs topics and provide them a wider scope of SDGs.

            LINK 1:NCKU College X, General Education Integrates with SDGs

            LINK 2:Signature Program for Sustainable Development (SPSD)

            LINK 3:NCKU's Education for SDGs specific courses on sustainability