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17.2.4 Collaboration for SDG best practice・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
17.2.4 Collaboration for SDG best practice

            NCKU's collaboration for SDG best practice

            To achieve the best practices of SDGs, NCKU has maintained positive relationships with global organizations to support the goal actively. NCKU has not only initiated and promoted multinational programs, but also shared educational and academic resources to help neighboring countries for various issues. For example, NCKU works with the Philippines on water management, with Kenya on medical treatment. Also, NCKU hosted plenty of international training programs on the topic of climate change, space monitoring, agriculture, and so on.

            Link 1 : NCKU’s teachers join the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) to build the database about drought, food security, later-life migration, college students in the time of COVID-19, and so on.

            Link 2 : NCKU participates in global programs, such as Upgraded Tracker Thermal Pump System (UTTPS) program, to upgrade the accuracy of climate observation and space monitoring.

            Link 3 : NCKU hospital has cooperated with hospital in Kenya to improve on-site medical treatment situation by voluntary and experienced doctors from Taiwan.

            #Year 2020