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17.2.1 Relationships with regional NGOs and government for SDG policy・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
17.2.1 Relationships with regional NGOs and government for SDG policy

            NCKU’s Relationships with National Government to Support SDG Policy Development

            To accomplish all SDGs, NCKU not only does its best to find solutions through research, but also cooperates with local governments to conduct policies and regulations on the development of SDGs and give feedback on the implementation of all SDGs.

            According to information from 2020, 80 of our teachers in total serve as committee members or professionalists in local or central governments, including professionalists of all fields related to SDGs.

            Link 1 Prof. Chen Chung-Ling of NCKU, who has devoted her profession to SDG 13 and 14 for a long time, serves as a member of the Sustainable Development Research Committee of the Executive Yuan to improve our country’s sustainable development. Participations of hers in 2020 included the examination of the results of Taiwan’s SDGs and environmental protection.

            Link 2Professor Ko Nai-Ying and Professor Hsu Shan-Hui of NCKU serve as members of Tainan County’s Gender Equality Committee in order to help with the implementation of government’s policies and regulations on gender equality.

            Link 3Prof. Chen Chung-Ling, Prof. Chao Tzu-Yuan, and Prof. Chang Hsueh-Sheng of NCKU serve as members of a plan conducted by the Ministry of Interior, Executive Yuan to focus on the improvement of city development (SDG11) for developmental sustainability of our country.

            #Year 2020