16.2.2 Students’ union

            NCKU's Students' union

            The Student Union is a channel between students and the university to promote student rights, academics, and representatives in matters related to NCKU’s undergraduate and graduate students as well as meetings involving the university’s improvement. All NCKU students are Student Union members by default, the organization can be merged or established separately according to degree levels. The Student Union shall have a president who will represent the organization as a whole and is responsible for dealing with the Student Union’s general affairs for a period of one year and members of the Student Union should be elected directly by the whole university based on their representativeness, fairness, honesty, talents and abilities. 

            The Student union should be divided into departments in order to operate accordingly, and should customize its organizational structure that corresponds to the actual situation and needs of NCKU. The Constitution of the Student Union must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Affairs prior to being announced and implemented. This measure shall be implemented after receiving approval from the Student Affairs Conference, which also applies to amendments in the structure. 

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