15.3.5 Collaboration for shared land ecosystems

            NCKU’s Collaboration for Shared Land Ecosystems

            NCKU works with the local community for supporting land ecosystems through action, such as building partnerships, to maintain shared land ecosystems. Our plan for seeking the common good between agriculture and husbandry assists the reuse of waste disposals created from agriculture and husbandry. In addition, our plan “Social Innovation Practice of Satoyama” takes students to Yujin district to plant different varieties of mangoes that are more resistant to fruit flies produced by NCKU, in order to decrease the use of pesticides. We also invite local residents to participate in planting trees, in the hope of improving land ecosystems. All the collaborations are under the goal to maintain a shared land ecosystem.

            Link1:NCKU's University Social Responsibility (USR) Program cares about and helps the problems encountered by farmers, fishermen and the land.

            Link2:NCKU’s “Social Innovation Practice of Satoyama” Program encouraged students to plant mango trees on their own, to realize the diversity of mango.

            Link3:NCKU held eco-friendly activity to plant 7 hundred trees with residents and children.

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