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14.5.2 Monitoring the health of aquatic ecosystems・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
14.5.2 Monitoring the health of aquatic ecosystems

            NCKU monitoring the health of aquatic ecosystems

            NCKU has various labs and projects to monitor the health of aquatic ecosystems. Co-work with governments, NCKU devoted plenty of energies to the marine study fields, including sustainable marine management, information management application and the detection and telemetry technology of sea surface and ship for maintaining local ecosystem. For example, the technology with drones could upgrade the efficiency of monitoring; the electrolytic crystallization technology could clean and reuse the waste water.

            Moreover, NCKU not only focuses on the research on campus, but also takes practical actions such as the promotion of industry-academia cooperation with local communities to protect the fishery from climate change.

            Link1:Implementation plan adapted to environmental change in Tainan coastal area (IMPACT), under NCKU’s University Social Responsibility (USR) Program, uses new monitoring technology of water quality to help fishermen

            Link2:The research results of Institute of Ocean Technology and Marine Affairs, NCKU

            Link3:New water monitoring technology with drone developed by NCKU, under the commission of the Environmental Protection Administration