14.3.2 Food from aquatic ecosystems (policies)

            NCKU's Food from Aquatic Ecosystmes (policies)

            NCKU has policies to ensure that food on campus that comes from aquatic ecosystems is sustainably harvested. NCKU has long been aiming for concrete and sustainable implementation in academic research and industrial upgrading to promote scientific and intelligent farming mode, and turn over Taiwan's shrimp farming industry.

            LINK 1: NCKU selects the shrimp which has the highest output value in the water as the research target and actively participates in solving the global food security problem

            LINK 2: International Center for Scientific Development of Shrimp Aquaculture in NCKU- Technological Shrimp Farming, supporting sustainable food harvested in aquatic ecosystems through action policy

            LINK 3: NCKU’s Cultured Shrimp Nucleus Breeding Center achieves a scientific model of shrimp farming through establishing a big data database

            #Year 2020