13.3.4 Inform and support government

            NCKU's Provision of Inform Support to the Government

            NCKU works with local and regional governments closely. The environmental education from NCKU measures inform and support to warn and monitor the risk of local climate change early. Below are the results of the results of the measures done by NCKU:

            1. NCKU Disaster Prevention Research Center assisted the Water Resources Agency in reorganizing the Disaster Prevention System. This collaboration updated implementation results, and proposed flood and drought adaptation technologies as national development strategies. (Link 1)

            2. NCKU Offshore Hydrographic Center was commissioned by the Central Weather Bureau, Water Resources Department, Tourism Bureau and other units to develop independent domestic standard technology and establish a network.(Link 2)

            3. NCKU’s Space Weather Lab uses numerical values ​​to simulate summer anomalies in mid-latitudes and develops the ionospheric forecast model with the first forecasting capability in the world. It not only aids in weather forecasting, but also has the ability to detect natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis in its early stages, thus allowing citizens to conduct evacuation measures safely.  (Link 3)




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