11.4.9 Building on brownfield sites

            NCKU campus builds on brownfield sites.

            The listed evidence shows recent cases about how we use brownfield sites: 

            1. The reconstruction project of the kindergarten in Tung Ning campus added the new design on the structure of the old house. In the construction process, the structure of the old house was reinforced and plastered. The new building was added on the structure of the old house. Elevator, terrace and other new facilities were added to the reconstructed kindergarten.

            2. The building site of the construction project of Wang Hung Building was originally the old NCKU library. In August 2019, Miin- Wu, Chairman of MACRONIX International Co., announced the decision to donate NT $420 million to National Cheng Kung University for the establishment of the Cheng Kung Innovation Center. Wang Hung Building will be set up a core computing classroom, an interdisciplinary research center, administration offices, and conference rooms.

            3. The Japanese Second Barracks (Li-Hsien Building) was built in the Japanese Colonial period and was later transferred to NCKU as the department building of the department of Tawainese Literature. This rehabilitation project reinforced the structure of the buildings and repaired the old facilities in the building.

            Link 1 : Kindergarden in Tung Ning compus reconstruction project

            Link 2 : NCKU Innovation Center-Wang Hung Building

            Link 3 : National Monument Japanese Second Barracks (Li-Hsien Building) rehabilitation project

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