11.4.4 Affordable housing for employees

            NCKU Provides Affordable Housing for Employees.

            The rent is normally under 250 pounds per month and it's almost 1/5 of their salary. Thus, it’s quite an affordable price. Moreover, some of the staff would get subsidies on housing. In order to provide a stable living environment for NCKU faculty and staff, and allow teachers to concentrate on teaching and researching work, NCKU provides dormitories for faculty and staff to apply. To offer the affordable dormitory for NCKU faculty and staff, we collect dormitory management fees at a convenient rate. We provide the introduction and the pictures of dormitories on the web page to help our faculty and staff understand the dormitory environment. 

            Link 1: NCKU Directions for Assigning, Lending, and Managing Dormitories

            Link 2: Dormitory Regulations

            Link 3: Charges

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