11.2.1 NCKU’s public access to buildings

            NCKU's public access to buildings

            In NCKU, students and faculty members have access to public buildings. In short, NCKU consists of museums, libraries, and historical monuments and remains, which are all open to the public once a reservation is made in advance. For example, museums of NCKU and the green building, the magic school of green, both allow students, staff, and alumni to visit the regular exhibit for free. Besides, there are docents there to provide guided tours. Additionally, the art center of NCKU holds quite a few free arts and cultural activities on a regular basis. As long as you ask for the ticket in advance, you can attend the activity no matter whether you belong to NCKU.

            Link 1:Application for Meuseum Guided Tour

            Link 2:Online Application for Guided Tour of The Magic School of Green

            Link 3:Free Arts and Cultural Activities Held by The Art Center of NCKU