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10.6.5 University diversity officer・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
10.6.5 University diversity officer

            NCKU's University Diversity Officer

            There are several measures against discrimination diversity committees in NCKU. NCKU has various committees and offices, composed of people with diverse backgrounds and positions, with different functions including advisory, policy implementation, human rights, etc. One of the aforementioned committees is the Gender Equity Education Committee, which is dedicated to establishing a non-discrimination educational environment and a safe and harmonious campus. The committee consists of 21 members, including the Principal of the university, the head of General Affairs, the dean of Education, professors, scholars, employee and student representatives. The committee should hold a meeting to review the policies at least once per semester, and any amendments in policies or in the structure of the committee will be approved after the School Affairs meeting is held.    

            Link1: NCKU Gender Equity Education Committee

            Link2: NCKU Gender Equity Education Committee Establishment Guidelines

            Link3: NCKU Gender Equity Education Committee-Member list in 2020