1.4.3 Programmes for services access

            NCKU's Programmes for Services Access

            NCKU has been organizing training and programs to improve access to basic services for all directly and indirectly, especially in medical education and service. NCKU has collaborated with Kenya National Hospital on AVF/AVG collaboration projects, exchange programs, and volunteering groups. Moreover, NCKU provides several liberal education programs for students to learn basic knowledge of injury and emergency. Through such courses, students can understand the connotation of emergency medicine, with the knowledge and skills related to professional medicine, and the handling principles under special emergency conditions. Also, they introduce students to the most common sports injuries that may occur in physical activity and sport, and its management and prevention.

            LINK 1: National Cheng Kung University Hospital cooperated with Kenya to establish a Health and medical cooperation program in Africa.

            LINK 2: First Aid in Emergency

            LINK 3: Management and Prevention of Sports Injury

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