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1.3.5 Low or lower-middle income countries student support・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
1.3.5 Low or lower-middle income countries student support

            Low or lower-middle income countries student support

            NCKU has many schemes to support students from low or lower-income countries, and most of them receive subsidies on living costs and tuition fees.

            1. NCKU-SinoPac Scholarship provides scholarships for graduate students and undergraduate students are respectively $100,000 per person and $50,000 per person, while aids for all students are $80,000 per person. Among the 60 scholarship/aid winners, 25 of them are foreign students, reaching a percentage of 41.6%.

            2. NCKU establishes Butterfly-ASEAN Scholarship, a talent cultivation program for industry-university cooperation, to subside outstanding Vietnamese students to study in Taiwan.

            3. Veritas et Conscientia Scholarship (VCS) for Existing PhD Students only to support research and development in each department of universities.

            4. The Rotary service of The Taiwan Rotary Academic Scholarships program supports the mission of The Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation to promote education, research, and invention, to encourage the specialists and scholars of this country to devote themselves to research and invention, and promote the understanding and friendship of people in different countries.

            Link 1: NCKU-SinoPac Scholarship

            Link 2: Butterfly-ASEAN Scholarship

            Link 3: Veritas et Conscientia Scholarship

            Link 4: Taiwan Rotary Academic Scholarships