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1.3.4 Bottom financial quintile student support・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
1.3.4 Bottom financial quintile student support

            Bottom financial quintile student support

            NCKU extends financial support for students who come from the bottom 20% of the household income group. NCKU provides plenty of scholarships to assist students to complete their studies, go abroad for research, and etc.

            1. NCKU offers exemptions and subsidies for students who hail from low- and middle-income households, students with disabilities and their children, students with aboriginal nationality and families with special circumstances. Tuition and miscellaneous fees will be gradually reduced or exempted using relevant documents.

            2. NCKU provides living expenses for economically disadvantaged students. The amount applied should be assessed according to the actual needs of the student. Students can apply for 6 months’ living expenses, and the amount should not exceed 10,000 NTD per month.

            3. NCKU provides subsidies such as scholarships, tuition and miscellaneous fees, emergency relief, subsidies for disadvantaged students as well as school loans.

            Link 1: NCKU Disadvantaged Students Assistance Platform

            Link 2: Study at Ease Bursary

            Link 3Banyan Garden Studying Assistance Website