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1.3.3 Low-income student support・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
1.3.3 Low-income student support

            Low-income student support

            NCKU has been providing various supports for students from low-income families, such as free accommodations, subsidies on living costs, and etc. NCKU provides disadvantaged students whose families have lower than 700,000NTD annual income with bursary. Each student can gain to an extend of 16,500NTD per year. Furthermore, NCKU offers free/ low-fee dormitories for low-income students. In addition, NCKU provides Study at Ease Bursary, releasing the pressure of living expenses of low-income students.Every student can apply for every semester(six month) up to 10,000NTD per month.

            Link 1: NCKU Disadvantaged Students Burary

            Link 2: Offer Free/ Low-fee Dormitories for Low-income Students

            Link 3: Study at Ease Bursary