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1.3.1 Bottom financial quintile admission target・NCKU 2030 for SDGs
1.3.1 Bottom financial quintile admission target

            Bottom financial quintile admission target

            According to statistics from The Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, the lowest 20% of disposable income per household was NT$350,189 in 2019, and NT$354,959 in 2020. Each county sets up qualifications of low-income households and middle-low income households according to the announced minimum living expenditure. According to the investigation in 2020, the lowest living expense for each individual is around NT11,648~17,005.

            NCKU has been implementing several programs and services to admit students from low-income and low and middle income families for years. Since 2017, through the Cheng Xing Admission Project, NCKU has provided annually over 40 freshmen students of bottom financial quintile background a new entrance of higher education. Moreover, NCKU constantly offers tuition and miscellaneous fee exemptions and school loans for the students in the bottom financial background. The students who come from families whose annual household income is lower than NT1,200,000 can apply for school loans with lower interest rates. Various subsidies, such as Chen Hsi Bursary, Disadvantaged Student Bursary, and Students under Poverty Line Subsidy, are given to such students as well.     

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