NCKU provides you solutions on “4 - Quality Education”

NCKU Goal 4

成大 Goal 4

NCKU holds the following ideals in its dedication to higher education: 1. Create a futuristic university that excels in teaching, research, and social responsibility. 2. Emphasize cross-domain and problem-solving abilities to cultivate future leadership talent in sustainable development. 3. Create a teaching and research environment that is diverse, inclusive, and equal. 4. Take social responsibility to support the disadvantaged for the promotion of class mobility. 5. Deepen the translation of high-end research to popularize knowledge. 6. Use science and research results to guide national policies in achieving sustainability for cities and society. 7. Develop human-centered smart technology and develop world-class industry–academia cooperation. 8. Develop entrepreneurship ecosystem that connects to the country and consolidate localized social innovation worldwide.