NCKU provides you solutions on “14 - Life Below Water”

NCKU Goal 14

成大 Goal 14

To meet current challenges of the ocean environment and life below the ocean surface, NCKU has outstanding teams from transdisciplinary fields developing several comprehensive strategies to enhance sustainability of the global aquatic environment. NCKU teams offer future-focused degrees in marine environmental awareness to our students, society, industry and the next generation. Furthermore, NCKU teams integrate Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 14 into research, innovation, teaching, education, academia–industry cooperation and actions. NCKU teams engage marine issues with a comprehensive vision and have robust, world-leading contributions with regards to sustainable development of: (1) aquaculture; (2) microalgae-based green, clean energy; (3) conservation of marine mammals; and (4) education for society and the next generation. Combined with another NCKU aspect, i.e. ocean engineering, ocean technology and marine affairs, having this framework in NCKU enables us to answer complex questions, provide clear actions and lead the world for a sustainable future.

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