NCKU provides you solutions on “3 - Good Health and Well-being”

NCKU Goal 3

成大 Goal 3

NCKU will facilitate the health of the people of all ages, and ameliorate critical public health problems. In order to reduce the cases of serious illnesses, NCKU will conduct studies on dengue fever prevalent in the tropic and subtropical regions, as well as on Enterovirus which is likely to cause serious illness and child mortality. Our community is dedicated to reducing diseases caused by outdoor and indoor air pollution, for example lung cancer. NCKU will take care of the elderly and set up an intelligent hospital for them and develop a complete system of hospice palliative care. For disadvantaged patients and those with rare diseases, we will provide proper and advanced care. NCKU will increase medical collaboration with neighboring countries, send personnel to Southeast Asia and African countries for medical assistance, provide medical training, and set up medical education sessions for international talents to come to NCKU for advanced medical training.

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