NCKU provides you solutions on “13 - Climate Action”

NCKU Goal 13

成大 Goal 13

Having experienced the influence of Climate Change on campus communities, National Cheng Kung University acknowledges combating Climate Change has become a collective responsibility for everyone. National Cheng Kung University will continue to promote the importance of combating Climate Change among all concerned about relevant issues through education and multiple positive channels. As a prestigious internationally renowned institution, National Cheng Kung University is committed to delving into the scientific issues of Climate Change, providing correct and up-to-date theoretical knowledge at an academic level, and playing an important role in contributing and enhancing knowledge about Climate Change. In the prefectural city of Tainan, a cultural and academic center in Taiwan, National Cheng Kung University is committed to creating strategies that are efficient and effective, engaging in combating climate change through participation, innovation, and execution. In the international community, National Cheng Kung University will be committed to strengthening the cooperation and interaction with sister schools, alumni and all partners to address Climate Change. As Taiwan is located in a monsoon climate and stands in the path of typhoons, flooding and slope disasters are prone to occur during the rainy season, causing major casualties and economic losses. With the threat of Climate Change, the pattern of rainfall can become extreme, which will make these disasters more frequent and more damaging. Adapting to the impact of natural disasters is one of the keys to dealing with Climate Change in the future. The NCKU team is made up of cross-disciplinary experts who incorporate the concepts of SDG13 into the curriculum and lead excellent research that aims to mitigate the impact of Climate Change. In order to fulfill the university's social responsibility to promote urban development and national well-being, and to play a key role in coexistence with local communities, NCKU collaborates with domestic and foreign industries, government agencies, and research institutes. The collaborators will conduct research on Climate Change and develop strategies to mitigate this issue using NCKU's knowledge and technical energy. In addition, NCKU and its partners will connect the government and the public through the development of smart disaster prevention technology, hold academic seminars, handle local government and community education and training, and issue research publications. NCKU applies equal importance to research and application, and aims to balance humanity with nature. It is the task of NCKU to cultivate interdisciplinary talents, promote academic and technological development, and strengthen social and environmental resilience. NCKU will share the daunting task of sustainable development around the globe.

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