NCKU provides you solutions on “7 - Affordable and Clean Energy”

NCKU Goal 7

成大 Goal 7

Faced with the problems brought by global energy demand and fossil fuels, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) has set up the Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy (RCETS). The team composed of interdisciplinary and high-level research talents not only has cooperated with the industry on multiple programs, but also formed alliances with international organizations to keep the technological level innovative and practical. In addition to developing technology, the center has also guided and cultivated the next generation of outstanding talents, so that knowledge can be passed on and team spirit can be demonstrated in the face of the challenges of future energy crises. NCKU has made outstanding contributions to many clean energy technologies, ranging from offshore wind power, multi-fuel energy conservation and emission reduction, to microalgae biomass energy and bio-refinement, green building materials and intelligent multi-purpose buildings. From the technical level, smart grids and energy storage, to energy strategies and policies at a management level, NCKU has reached the world's high academic standards. The value expected to be created coincides with the UN’s SDG-Goal 7. NCKU will continue to make progress in this regard, supporting the UN’s cause with concrete action.

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