Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

“ESD Provides an Opportunity for Dialogue between the Present and the Future. Through education, higher education will change the future life to move the vision onwards.” – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO

「永續發展教育,開啟當代與未來對話之可能;透過高等教育,將能改變對未來生活願景的想像。」- 聯合國教育科學文化組織

SPSD Class


Towards NCKU 2030: Establish A Decentralized Campus and Cultivate Talents for Future Cross-Domain Issues.
邁向 NCKU 2030:建立去中心化校園,培育解決未來跨域問題人才

The Vision of Future Education is: "Through education, we change lives."

NCKU breaks through the standard education framework and uses the SPSD curriculum to provide students with a freer learning environment. The SPSD curriculum shall enable in the process of sustainable development, to enable NCKU's practice without borders between disciplines and to create a non-universal institution. SPSD Class develops a highly open educational environment and re-establishes the relevance of learning to future life. 

成功大學突破制式教育框架,以 SPSD 課程 作為實驗性教學模式,以提供學生更加自由的學習環境 - 透過 SPSD 課程 在永續發展進程中,使成功大學實踐培育不受學科限制、開創非單一學科院系的思維模式,建立高度開放性的教育環境,重新建構學習與未來生活的關聯性。

In the future, SPSD Class centered on sustainable development issues (climate change, food shortage, war and climate refugees, security issues, etc.) will enable the future talents of NCKU to have the insight and practical ability to challenge global issues.

SPSD Class 以永續發展議題(氣候變遷、糧食不足、戰爭與氣候難民、資安問題等)為核心的教育模式,讓成大培育的未來人才具備挑戰全球問題的洞悉與實踐能力。

SPSD Class

“To Change the Human World, NCKU’s Education for Sustainable Development is now in a Complete Transformation.”– President of NCKU, Huey-Jen Jenny Su

「為了改變未來人類世界,成功大學的永續發展教育正全面性轉變。」– 成功大學蘇慧貞校長