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SDGs Tools・NCKU 2030 for SDGs

SDGs Tools


Quality Development of the Research at NCKU with keywords of the SDGs

SDGs 關鍵字聚焦成大研究質性發展

The basis for SDGs tools lies with the mapping of the SDGs keywords with the researches of NCKU. We analyzed in depth the quantitative data of the researches from various colleges in regard to the respective influence, resource abundance and applicability in SDGs practices.

本次盤點基礎奠定於 SDGs 關鍵字與成功大學研究、愛思唯爾指紋引擎(Elesiver)對應,進一步分析各學院研究量化數據,對於 SDGs 實踐的影響性、資源豐富性、應用性。

The matrix of top 10 keywords is employed to underpin the strength positioning for SDGs researches of NCKU. Take Reduce Inequality (SDG 10) for instance, the National Cheng Kung University excels at offering solutions fit for diverse age groups while taking into consideration the need for diversity development in the society at present. In addition, same keywords presented in the various Goals may be deemed as development strategies, focusing on solving the core issues to fulfill the practices of the Goals.

透過前十大關鍵字的表格,作為成功大學在目標研究聚焦優勢定位。例如:減少不平等 (SDG 10) 中,成功大學善於提供符合各年齡族群的解決方案,考量目前社會發展多樣性的需求;另外不同目標中有相同的關鍵字,可視為發展策略,聚焦於解決核心問題以達到不同目標的實踐。

Assessment of the Issues Where NCKU Shines via the Highlighted Keywords of SDGs


Combing through the SDGs of NCKU, top three keywords with higher frequency among colleges emerge that facilitate collaboration and communication as well as scope and direction setting for the colleges. Also, these keywords could serve as the assessment of the multiple key research topics under the Goals, while being the representative keywords for NCKU in the communication on the international level.

彙整梳理成功大學 SDGs 中,各學院有較高共同對應率的三大關鍵字,可促進各學院合作溝通、範圍方向設定。同時作為檢視目標下較多研究主題關鍵,在全球溝通上作為成功大學關鍵字代表。

In pursuance to the strategies, SD Tools and supplementary tools as well as their interaction with each other recommended in NCKU 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy Manual, it aims to assist the colleges in establishing the goal positionings respectively, while serves as the criteria for resource allocation.

配合《NCKU 2030 永續發展策略手冊》建議之方法策略、SD Tools 以及補充工具相互應用,協助各學院確立目標定位,同時為資源分配判斷依據。