NCKU Devoted in Global Partnerships

NCKU believes that the SDGs provide a common language for various sectors to communicate, which will gradually integrate the understanding and resources across ages, ethnic groups and stakeholders.


SPSD International Strategic Network

SPSD 國際策略網絡

Leveraging Research Outcomes for NCKU's Institutional Positioning in Sustainable Development


NCKU SPSD also aims at integrating colleges among university toward the direction of internal innovation development, and to map out the opportunities, based on the research of all colleges in the past, to move toward the NCKU 2030 vision with three major focused domain:

成功大學針對大學如何整合系所、學院之資源,發展出內部整合創新之策略方向,依據盤點出之機會與過去潛在研究成果,將以三大方向之對應策略,邁向成功大學2030 願景 :

  • (1) Regional partnership network integration. 區域資源串聯,全球整合相關資源,展現在地視野。
  • (2) Local action Implementation, with the promotion of regional SD action plan, for increasing the productivity of research and industry. 解決方案之在地實踐,促進區域整合之永續發展行動計畫,並聚焦於研究和產業結合。
  • (3) Sustainable Development Talents, to be cultivated and empowered for international collaboration. 培育永續發展人才培育,整合校內國際人才培育。

NCKU Expand Global Influence with International Strategic Network.

NCKU continues to demonstrate regional characteristics research, expand global dialogue, and then attract cross-regional higher education talents to participate.