Partnership Is Core of NCKU 2030.

NCKU pro-actively expands international alliances as well as supporting building regional partnerships, all of which are in line with the Goal 17 of the SDGs, Global Partnerships.

成功大學積極建立擴區域合作夥伴關係,並貢獻資源於跨區域之合作網絡拓展,以扮演最適切之 SDG 17 全球合作夥伴。

NCKU's International Partnerships Network



With the university as the core of Gloria NCKU, it focus on forward-looking field and collaborative platform between industry, universities and research institutes internationally, to provide talents and scientific research services. Bringing billions industrial research and development investment, Gloria NCKU brings knowledge and technology into the industry, cultivating future talents to amplify research and development capacity on sustainable development.


台灣與東南亞暨南亞大學校長論壇 Presidents’ Forum of Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan Universities,SATU

With annual forum, NCKU provides a platform for the academic community to share experiences and exchanges experiences of regional higher education. The theme of global regional challenges was initiated as a research hub on sustainable development, including culture, education and industry across Southeast Asia, to accelerate regional progress on sustainable development.


世界大學聯盟 Worldwide Universities Network,WUN

With NCKU's local research for years, it contributes and aligns with global 2030 agenda and SDGs process, such as, NCKU's Women and Gender Research Center, with 11 female scholars to work on "Marriage Migrants in Asia," which was recognized as one of 14 powerful projects among World Universities Network in 2018. 

長期成大以建立在地特色研究,可運用於對應全球SDGs目標,例如:成大婦女與性別研究中心,跨國結合港、澳、日共11位女性學者提出「Marriage Migrants in Asia(亞洲婚姻移民)」計畫,獲 WUN 肯定,列為2018年14個全球最具影響力的計劃之一。

NCKU 2030 Sustainable Transformation

NCKU’s leading Sustainable Development Human Capital Development in Asia Region. We Will Never Leave Any Problems Behind.



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